“Fallow Fields” Some Recent Poems, 2023

FALLOW FIELDS; A Time for Rest and Contemplation.

The Ground is Left Unworked; Fertility is Naturally Restored.

Myriad events transpire;

one’s priorities change daily, hourly,

moment by moment. “Questioning

what is necessary, and practising the disciplines”?

Clear sky vision, nobody’s perogative.

Birds, without intention, cast a passing shadow and leave no trace.

Am I any different? Studying Zen hardly helps

Can work include idle contemplation?


In the universe

all is harmony.  Our bodies

already know this;

but our minds are burdened

with another struggle.

Society is burdened

by customs and laws.

Everyone wants to avoid suffering,

yet everybody suffers.

Suffering and healing exist

in relation to each other.

Our problems multiply

when we try to control things for our own comfort

instead of practicing equanimity and kindness.


Action-No-Acion (Wei-Wu-Wei) The Wide Space of Healing

With right intention we can meet,

touching someone, or not,

talking and listening go together.

Can we be simply present to the healing power within,

as well as the pain?

Silence in front of that question.



When my eyes borrow the sky’s gaze

my hand also partakes of this guidance,

my touching becomes gentle, sensitive, astute, and kind,

like someone blind who does not know your name,

yet, reaching out, can hear and feel your soul.


And who should offer this treasure

that none can possess? Do we know the depth of our need

to be touched as an innocent being?

Feeling comes first. Art and discipline follow in due course.


The arrow of compassion flies true

when archer and target are one and the same.

Wounded then, we understand.