Workshops / Agenda


GRANADA, SOUTHERN SPAIN: February 8 – 10. The Techniques and Qualities of Subtle Healing Touch. Organiser: Maria Navarro, (workshop full)

CHICAGO ( (Evanston, IL) USA:  23 – 28 APRIL. SIX-DAY INTENSIVE COURSE: “GUIDANCE METHODS OF THE SEIKI WAY – Transformational Practice on the Healing Path”.  Organiser Steve Rogne (Director) Zen Shiatsu Chicago.  (Course fully booked)

GRANADA, Alpujarra Region, S. SPAIN: 31 August – 5 September. 5-DAY RESIDENTIAL COURSE: SEIKI AND QIGONG; The Conscious Traveller in search of Harmony The Course Centre, Baile En El Aire, is a beautiful, well established retreat above the Alpujarra villages, with simple but comfortable accommodation, great vegetarian cuisine, and an incomparable setting among mountains and ancient woodlands. Here we can deepen our understanding of nature as a healing force  that, once recognised, will permeate all the Seiki practices.

This course was fully booked last year. Reserve in good time to secure your place.

The course will be given in English and Spanish. Further information and booking: Maria Navarro,

For more information about any workshops, or to register, please contact the organisers directly. 

I wish you all the best during the course of the year and look forward to meeting some of you again soon. Please pass on the information here to anyone who may be interested, and please keep in touch……You can also ask me about any planned workshop and about possibilities for organising courses in your area, or perhaps you would consider a special holiday stay, including study and practice with me in Tenerife: just click here and contact me

WORKSHOPS IN  2017 (for reference)

HEBDEN BRIDGE, WEST YORKS: February 11 – 12  GYOKI AND THE SEIKI WAY: The Power of Non-Doing – Foundation Practices for Sensitivity on the Experiential Healing Path.

Visit the blog page to find a more detailed description of this workshop: Entry for December 17 “Awaiting the Light – Solstice Greeting” Further Information and reservation – Contact Philip Cheshire-Neal at

Seiki Group Practice Sessions, Madrid / Grupo Seiki, Madrid: Reuniones. El fin de semana 2 – 4 Junio; lugar centrico. Planificado, el viernes tarde y el sabado, dos sesiones de prácticas y de tratamientos compartidos y supervisados. Continuaremos. Anunciaremos otras fechas para seguir adelante con éste proyecto.

Información y reservas, conecte a Belén:,  o se puede conectar conmigo directamente a través de éste sitio web — (contact me)



“NOMAD SPIRIT; TEMPORARY PATHS, TEMPORARY STRUCTURES – Resources and Guidance for the Conscious Traveller in the Subtle Terrains of Healing”. Course in English, Spanish with German translation. Further information and booking: Maria Navarro, Jacqueline Bale, Also possible contact course centre, Baile En El Aire:

Completed WORKSHOP AGENDA for  2016. (for reference)

BERLIN: August 29 – Sept 2  SEIKI SUMMER COURSE: Seiki in Clinical Practice; Combining two Paths – Conventional Knowledge and the Healing Experience. This special five day event includes an introductory one-day workshop on Seiki, plus small group tutorials for experienced and less experienced practitioners, observed treatments and private sessions. Flexible participation – you can attend any combination of events.

This course will be immediately followed by a stand-alone weekend workshop:  BERLIN: Sept 3 – 4  DAOYIN QIGONG IN SHIATSU PRACTICE – Cultivating Healing Forces for Ourselves and Others. How to Recommend and Guide our patients in appropriate and simple Qigong exercises, using the diagnostic principles of Traditional Medicine.

For information and reservations on both the above courses please contact: Berliner Schule fur Zen Shiatsu:

KONSTANZ (S. GERMANY): Sept 9 –  11  A Special Course on the Inner Principles of Daoyin Qigong.

Contact: Rainer Hugendubel:  (Places limited).

PROVENCE (FRANCE), October 29 – 30  Introducing Seiki-Soho: Intuition, Perception and Reality – Life-movement Harmony as a Conscious Path.  The Essence of Shiatsu and East Asian Body-Mind Therapies is authentic communication though touch, confirmed through resonance, a conscious awakening to Ki movement in ourselves and others.

Contact: Shiatsu Synergie:

LISBON, November 5 – 6   Seiki-Katsugen; A Special Course on Spontaneous Movement and its Benefits. 

Contact: Margarida: (Read more about Katsugen)

Rome, November  12 -13   SHIATSU RYOHO – The Original Way of Therapeutic Touch, Reconnecting with the Japanese  Tradition. 

Contact/reservations or  Marco Pratico:  visit website:

Please note: The Seiki-Katsugen Group, an ONGOING COLLABORATIVE PROJECT IN MADRID Organised and led on a weekly basis by Gill Hall, with occasional sessions contributed by myself every 4 -6 weeks.  See Blog Post (Nov 2015) for details.



March 20-22, GRANADA, SPAIN. 3 day Residential Course: Seiki and Katsugen; Contact Escuela Sol y Luna:

April 17-19, PROVENCE, FRANCE. Seiki Workshop / Treatments. Contact Shiatsu Synergie:

June 26 – 28, MADRID, SPAIN. W/E Seiki Workshop.      Contact  Amigos Del Shiatsu: /

July 4 – 5 (New Dates) LISBON, PORTUGAL. Special Katsugen Workshop. Contact Margarida: (Read more about Katsugen)

July 13 – 17, BERLIN, GERMANY, “Seiki Practices” – Week-long SUMMER SCHOOL (5 mornings). Contact: Berliner Schule fur Zen Shiatsu:

October 16 – 17, CHICAGO (Evanston, IL) USA – Two day workshop presentation: “THE EXPERIENTIAL PATH IN THE HEALING ART OF SHIATSU”, within the SHIATSU SYMPOSIUM 2015, CHICAGO, IL. Organisers: Zen Shiatsu Chicago,

NOVEMBER 13 – 15  SEIKI GATHERING, CONSTANZ, GERMANY. The second in an ongoing series of semi-formal annual meetings to foster the understanding and appreciation of Seiki as an approach to Shiatsu and the traditional healing arts of Japan; also to develop its practice in the guiding spirit indicatedby its founder, Akinobu Kishi . Contributing demonstrations and workshop sessions to this event, along with others who knew and worked closely with Kishi.  Organisers: Rainer / Vidan; contacts:, or