My CV.

I was born in 1948; brought up and educated in the suburbs of West London. Here is an extract from a leaflet I had made around 1999.

“In my early career I was able to develop my interest in the arts, in photography and in the theatre. Then I worked for six years in a natural foods business – a fledgeling co-operative, still going strong. I carried many sacks full of organic rice and beans.

Since then, my ongoing studies and my years of practising and teaching acupuncture, shiatsu, qigong and related aspects of medicine and healing, including professional trainings, seminars and workshops, have led me to the profound possibilities of unconditional touch, mindful observation and the simple presence of one human being for another; also to see the potential for autonomy, comunication, enjoyment and fulfilment in this life we share, regardless of circumstance. This is the direction of my current work – integrated practices for everyday reality; returning to the original breath, the inspiration of Daoyin and the art of life”.

And here is a more formal summary of my CV:

Began studies of shiatsu in 1974, and of acupuncture in the following year, graduating with a degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from The International College of Oriental Medicine in 1978. Teachers at this time included Giovanni Maciocia, Dr Ted Kaptchuk and Dr John Shen.

Interest in Taiji and Qigong dates from this same period. Continued amateur studies in shiatsu with Bill Tara, Wataru Ohashi, Michael Rose and others; later completed a formal shiatsu training during the early 1980’s with Pauline Sasaki.

Closely involved in the formation of professional associations in the UK for both acupuncture and shiatsu.

Co-founder of The Shiatsu College, UK (London, 1986). Later established and directed a branch of the same College in Brighton, Sussex.

Author of The Book of Shiatsu/New Book of Shiatsu (Gaia-Octopus: I992/2004/2014) published in 15 languages.

During more than twenty five years of clinical practice and teaching, maintained constant studies of Chinese and Japanese healing systems and exercise methods; during the 1980’s also studied Bio-energetics (with BIBA) and related psycho-dynamic (post-Reichian) bodywork therapies and group process-work.

Studied Seiki with Akinobu Kishi Sensei following an intensive month-long encounter in Japan, 1981 and became a close student and collaborator, organising and facilitating many workshops and longer courses with Kishi during the following years, in the UK, Ireland and Spain. Completed Buqi (medical Qigong) certificate course under Dr. Shen Hongxun in 1994; further studies over a seven year period with Dr Shen included Taijiwuxigong, Taiji 37 and many related practices. (“These two are my greatest and most influential teachers”.)

Currently lives most of the year in Tenerife and spends much time writing.  Articles on Shiatsu, Seiki, and Daoyin Qigong regularly published in specialist Journals.  Contributed workshops and written papers to the European (as well as various national) Shiatsu Congresses. Continues to teach courses and seminars in the UK, Spain and many other countries.

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