The Simplest Practices

The simplest practices are not necessarily the easiest, but they present themselves at the beginning of any path of conscious self-development or body-mind training.


In the Eastern tradition, we encounter meditation as a basic self-healng practice. Mindfulness can …

Holiday Feeling

During the first half of this year, along with the preparations and subsequent  launch of this web-site, I was busy with the planning and delivery of various workshops (see earlier posts for some descriptions). Once the  blog was launched, I …

Curso Seiki en Madrid

Seiki: Paso a Paso por el Camino Experimental del Shiatsu

– Hacia la verdadera espontaneidad y el Arte del “No Hacer”

Un Taller con Paul Lundberg Y La Escuela de “Los Amigos del Shiatsu”

Madrid, 26-28 Junio, 2015

 Si por …

Sommerkurs in Berlin

Ein Sommerkurs

In den vergangenen Kursen mit Paul Lundberg in Berlin ist die gemeinsame Idee entstanden, einen Sommer-Intensiv-Studienkurs in Seiki anzubieten. Der Unterricht findet von Montag bis Freitag, jeweils von 10 bis 14 Uhr statt. Dadurch bleibt an den Nachmittagen …